Chiropractor Spokane – What You Need to be Aware of for Excellent Treatment


A Spokane chiropractor is a health care practitioner who specializes in chiropractic; a treatment used in treating people suffering from neck, limb and spine pain. Headaches and low back pain are the common complains and they have the highest number of total visits to the doctor every year among the overall population. A chiropractor can address the pain using less intrusive, gentle manipulations of the spine through carefully executed moves.

Chiropractor Spokane – What Are the Costs?

An average chiropractor in Spokane, WA runs about $65 for a general spinal adjustment. Many Spokane chiropractors offer a free initial consultation.

The way chiropractic services help people is through what’s known as subluxation.  This is the physical irritation and compression of spinal nerves and joints.

Chiropractic care is a health care approach that maintains that the spine has an impact and affects many other functions within the body. A Spokane chiropractor will attempt to correct the alignment to improve function and give pain relief which will help the body heal naturally.

The chiropractor uses different techniques to treat patients and one common technique is manipulating the spine with his hands. They specialize on the central nervous system, spinal column and the body’s bone structure. You should realize that there are a lot of benefits you can easily get from using this therapy technique.

Locating and using a good Spokane chiropractor isn’t necessarily just for fixing trauma from and accident or years of bad posture, it’s also good for just about anyone looking to take responsibility for their health. There are few if any approaches in the world that can help prevent neuromuscular types of disease like chiropractors can.

Since the therapy is long term, you’ll have to enjoy these long-lasting benefits for a while. They are more educated as it relates to rehabilitative and therapeutic techniques as opposed to a “general practitioner” who uses a wider approach to ailments. They use some special apparatuses, such as, X-rays, MRI’s, Ultrasounds, and so on to ensure accurate diagnosis.

A visit to a Spokane chiropractor can make you feel better without having surgery or using medication. Surgery and medication ought to be a last resort as the work of a chiropractor helps the body to heal naturally.

Although the primary practice of chiropractors is spinal adjustments, there are many other treatments that chiropractors use including ergonomic training, manual therapies, exercise and postural training, nutritional consulting, laser or ultrasound therapies. Your chiropractic doctor may also work with pain experts, primary care doctors, specialists, and surgeons.

Regardless of the medical records from your doctor, a good chiropractor will want to make his own full evaluation, assessment, and examination of your situation. For clarity sake, you don’t need the approval of any doctor to visit a chiropractor. Spokane has countless number of people visits chiropractors from time to time without the consent of their doctor. Some even take preventive measures by visiting the chiropractor on a regular basis to maintain optimum health.

Do not visit an unlicensed Spokane chiropractor! Your chiropractor must be fully licensed and accredited by the state.

Here are a few of things that you may want to know about the services of a chiropractor in Spokane, WA.

Chiropractor Spokane: Spine Manipulation

This is a common practice among chiropractors. This technique requires the use of gentle pressure to realign the spine so as to reduce nerve irrigation, improve the range of motion and improve mobility in the back.


Strategies Used by a Spokane Chiropractor to Cure Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment involves hand manipulations of different body parts in attempt to mobilize them, address any anatomical abnormalities, and increase the local circulation of blood. Chiropractic treatment is executed to check for the exact alignment of the spine components, which are known as the vertebrae and disc located between each vertebra.

There are several factors that causes back pain, however in most cases there is no serious basic medical issue. When severe back pain is caused by a trauma, rheumatic disease or an accident, then it should be handled by a physician not a chiropractor. Spokane has a decent number of chiropractors to choose from.

As a matter of fact, each chiropractic treatment expert make sure he or she reject a severe anomaly before he or she starts the non-intrusive treatment to work on the back problems through gentle spine manipulations.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is regularly practiced by chiropractors to reduce back pain. This treatment increases blood flow to fasten tissue repair, improves flexibility in the back, relieves tightness in the muscles, and improves circulation to flush out waste.

If you are pregnant or have serious health issues such as blood clots or cancer; tell your chiropractor so he may recommend you consult with a doctor before getting a massage to alleviate your pain.


Cure Chronic Pain Using Spinal Decompression and Back Muscle Strengthening

Back pain is a typical outcome of a wrong posture, which places the vertebrae in a misaligned position. It may also occur after lifting heavy objects at work or incorrect posture during fitness routine. Disc herniation can also cause back pain.

Weak neck and back muscles may result in a reduced support offered to the vertebrae, which are defenseless against misalignment and displacements since their position is not revised by the closest muscles.



Hydrotherapy uses water to relax muscles and treat pain. Having a warm bath for 20 minutes increases blood flow, relieves stiffness, relaxes spasms in the back, improves pliability and loosens the muscles.

On the other hand, having a cool bath for 20 minutes can decrease inflammation to alleviate back pain. Hydrotherapy also includes the application of ice and cold compresses or ice packs.



  1. Headaches

Whether it’s a sharp pain or a dull pain, a headache can be caused by having restricted neck motion or being sensitive to light.

  1. Fibromyalgia

This is a condition where you may experience fatigue in tendons and muscles, morning stiffness, insomnia, and tender spots on the body. It tends to last longer than three months.

  1. Joint Pain

It may be caused by stiff, tender or swollen joints.

  1. Sciatica

Sciatica is a sharp pain that moves from your buttocks to legs.

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sufferers may experience burning, pain, tingling, numbness of the fingers, forearm, wrist or palm. They may also have weak grasp or finger stiffness in the morning.

  1. Scoliosis

This is a condition where the spine bends to the one side. As a result, the head may not be aligned over the torso and sufferers may experience pain.

  1. Herniated Disk

This may result in pain in the leg, lower back or numbness in the leg, arm, back or muscle spasms.


It is not the duty of a chiropractor to prescribe medications on perform surgery. If your  chiropractor in Spokane feels your body requires more extensive treatments, he can refer you to a local doctor who can offer assistance.

You should be forthright with your chiropractor about your situation. Moreover, you should ask questions about the kind of treatment methods to be used, the side effects, the duration of the treatment and the possible outcome. A reliable expert will be straightforward with you and from there you can choose if you want to proceed with this line of treatment.